The most significant reward of being a foster parent is having an impact on the lives of children and teens in a significant way. It is truly one of the few times in our lives that we can do something heroic.

There are many challenges involved in foster parenting, including realizing that your work may not be successful in changing the entire life experience for some children and teens. The support given to foster parents is often inadequate to meet the needs of the children and teens being fostered. The behaviors of some children and teens in foster care can be so dramatic that it can create very difficult home life for families. Perhaps most importantly, it is difficult to give your heart and develop strong bonds with a child whom you know you may not have in your life for very long, and it can be excruciatingly painful to let a child go, once you do have that bond of parental love.

Being a foster parent is truly a special calling, giving ordinary people the opportunity to do something extraordinary.

In addition to our own website, here is a great resource available for foster parents:

National Foster Parent Association

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