Here are some real experiences in the words of our foster families:

I don't want to share a story of how I helped my foster children, but how they helped change me, my husband and my kids. Siblings B & R were our first foster children. B came to us at 15 months and R at 3 weeks. Being 45 years old with my older teens and now 2 babies in diapers was really a challenge. The many things they taught us will never be forgotten. They taught us that you don't have to be born from the same parents to not feel unsurpassed feelings of love. Both babies taught us patience, and there was true joy when R smiled for the first time and said his 1st word and took his 1st steps. They taught my own children about being unselfish enough to share your parents. The "babies" (as we called them) taught us that a family is not just made up of DNA, but heartfelt feelings. I can honestly say that it was the most rewarding thing we have ever done as a family.

Foster Parent, Fredericksburg, VA August 9, 2017

Without a doubt it has been a huge blessing to be a part of Children Services of Virginia. I'm not sure we would be able to make it through the ups and downs of being foster parents without CSV. While we know God has called us to be foster parents, it is the support, communication, and care that the case workers at CSV give, which helps us walk the awesome, but emotional road of foster parenting. The case workers at CSV have hearts of compassion, listening ears, and the feeling they are with you in this journey. We would not want to do it anywhere else.

Foster Parent, Herndon, VA August 9, 2017

I have to thank everyone at Children’s Services of Virginia for being so supportive. My wife and I have adopted our foster son and the adoption was signed by the judge a few days ago. We did not have any idea what to expect when we went through training with CSV but I must say everything we learned did prepare us to manage life with a new one in the house. T. is such a resilient kid with a great sense of humor and a real joy to be with. Surprisingly we became friends with T's extended family including aunts, uncles, cousins and his grandparents. They are so supportive of our efforts and have encouraged us to move forward and adopt. T's CSV workers have been amazing and very supportive.

Foster/Adoptive Parent, Stephens City, VA August 9, 2017

It’s all about love and acceptance, nurturing and boundaries, caring enough to hang in there - it’s about FAMILY - a sense of belonging, laughter, hope & truth. We cherish and appreciate every child and always look forward to welcoming new ones into our home. The reward comes when past suffering fades and the child begins to blossom into a new life with a brighter future.

Foster Parent, Culpeper, VA August 9, 2017

When we began doing foster care 4+ years ago, we had no idea the changes it would make in our lives! There is so much more to being a parent than giving birth—we spend countless hours rocking, listening, sharing, physically caring for, and most of all, loving children of all ages. And we are parents to them all! We have been able to adopt our first two foster children—a set of twins. Although they are a different color than we are and someone else actually gave birth to them, they are our children. Foster care is one of those wonderful experiences in life … you often get back so much more than you give.

Foster Parent, Harrisonburg, VA August 9, 2017