Become a foster family

Become a Foster Family

Foster Parents and Resource Parents are NEEDED! 

Seven Steps to Become an Approved Foster or Resource Parent:

  1. Contact Faye Lohr Ritchie at 540-801-0900 or at [email protected].
  2. Attend an Information Session at one of the Children’s Services of Virginia offices or virtually via phone or Zoom.
  3. Complete the packet of paperwork you receive at the information session.
  4. Attend the training sessions at Children’s Services of Virginia and return your completed paperwork.
  5. Once all of your paperwork has been received and you have completed training, one of our workers will schedule three visits to complete your home study. At least one visit will be in your home. All household members will be interviewed.
  6. Your file is reviewed by our staff and your application is approved or denied.
  7. You receive your approval letter and ID card and you will be eligible to provide a safe home for a needy child.

Prospective foster or resource parents receive extensive training from Children’s Services of Virginia.  From the time you attend the Information Session until you receive your approval letter is an average of two to four months.

Please note that this is an application process. Families may be denied at any point during the process should Children’s Services of Virginia determine the family does not meet Virginia minimum standards for approval or not be a good match with Children’s Services of Virginia.

Among the requirements, the approval process for families includes a completed application, letters of reference, criminal records and child abuse background checks, training, and home study.

  • All medical and dental expenses of the foster child are provided for and foster families receive a monthly reimbursement.
  • Families may choose the age, gender, and number of children they wish to work with.
  • A worker from Children’s Services of Virginia visits the foster home at least twice every 30 days and has at least weekly phone contact with families to answer questions and provide support.
  • You may be single or married but must be at least 25 years of age to become a foster parent with Children’s Services of Virginia.

We would like to send you information and invite you to an information session at our Fredericksburg, Harrisonburg, or Winchester offices.  There is no obligation when you call or attend.  Contact us today!

If you are interested in becoming a foster or resource parent with Children’s Services of Virginia, please complete the form below.  You may also call us at your convenience at 540-801-0900.