August 9, 2017

I don’t want to share a story of how I helped my foster children, but how they helped change me, my husband and my kids. Siblings B & R were our first foster children. B came to us at 15 months and R at 3 weeks. Being 45 years old with my older teens and now 2 babies in diapers was really a challenge. The many things they taught us will never be forgotten. They taught us that you don’t have to be born from the same parents to not feel unsurpassed feelings of love. Both babies taught us patience, and there was true joy when R smiled for the first time and said his 1st word and took his 1st steps. They taught my own children about being unselfish enough to share your parents. The “babies” (as we called them) taught us that a family is not just made up of DNA, but heartfelt feelings. I can honestly say that it was the most rewarding thing we have ever done as a family.