April 14, 2022

When our biological children moved out on their own, me and my wife were curious about taking in foster children into our home, we had certain criteria though, we were not thinking about adoption and we were skittish of getting teenagers. We went through the training and the first aid classes and anxiously awaited “the call”. The call came in and it was for three boys of Cuban decent and one of which was a teenager. We took them in and before we knew it we were adopting all three boys. There was many ups and downs over the years but those boys became part of our family as much as our own. They’re all grown up now and are finishing college and all three are success stories. Over the 15 years we have taken in or helped over 30 children and it has been the highlight or our lives. We have had the opportunity to work with each staff member at CSV, and each has their own unique skills and talents, and each one is our favorite. They’re always a phone call away during tough times or to share the excitement of goals achieved. To anyone out there that may be undecided, please take the next step and feel the Joy and blessings that our home has had for the last 15 years of working with CSV.