April 14, 2022

Author Marge Kennedy stated, “The informality of family life is a blessed condition that allows us all to become our best while looking our worst.” I think this is a perfect description of our CSV family. From the very first day, the CSV staff, the TFC workers and other resource families aimed to know and understand all about our home & family. They accepted our quirks, strengths, weaknesses and personal family dynamics with transparent understanding. They have seen us at our very best and ‘our house is a mess, mascara is running, snot is dripping’ very worst. Given that, we have assurance that when children are referred and placed, consideration has already been given that they will be a good fit for us, and us for them.

To those who do not have experience or understanding of foster care, it only appears chaotic, unhinged, fast & tumultuous for everyone. Underneath appearances though, there is greater meaning, support, growth, relationships and the changing of lives. There are times when we may not look our best, may not act our best, may be too tired or drained to even contemplate what state we do look but because we are part of the CSV family, we do have the assurance that through it all, we are all achieving better, will be supported and in turn, all will be blessed.