Yearly, more than 20,000 foster care youth will “age out” of foster care.  Unfortunately, outcomes for youth who have “aged out” of foster care are poor:

  • Between 25% and 45% had not completed high school
  • 20% to 50% are unemployed
  • Approximately 25% had experienced homelessness

How to Prep Foster Children for Adulthood

Foster parents and professionals who work with foster care youth can support “preparation for adulthood.” By gaining their trust, we can help youth to:

  • Stay engaged in school
  • Gain marketable work skills
  • Plan for safe, stable, and affordable housing
  • Teach basic life skills, such as completing a job application
  • Encourage keeping positive connections to supportive peers and adults
  • Plan for adequate access to health care
  • Learn how to access essential legal documents pertaining to their personal, family, medical, and educational histories

Youth with supportive coaching and strong connections can forge successful transitions out of foster care with our continued support.  Children’s Services of Virginia, Inc is focused on and dedicated to helping you and our foster children achieve positive results both during their time in foster care and once they have aged out.  If you are interested in foster care in Fredericksburg, Winchester, or Harrisonburg, we welcome you to contact us today.